Natasa Nirou


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I am a qualified yoga teacher, trained in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Asana techniques & Anatomy, Physiology and Mindfulness Meditation, by “Still flowing Yoga school”. My passion to share my love for Yoga with other people led me to my first teacher training course. Since then i have been teaching group and private Yoga classes, at different studios and gyms.

I continuously attend trainings to enhance my Yoga Knowledge; among others i trained with the amazing Biff Mithoefer, Aki Amori, Gemma Malol, Marcela Enriquez, recently attend a Kids Yoga teacher Training with Greville Henwood.

I considers yoga a moving meditation which helps us recognize how our feelings affect our body. Practicing Yoga mindfully, trains us to listen to our body and emotions; accept situations as they are, and direct our feelings towards the right direction. During this journey of self-discovery, i strive to add a little bit of fun in my practice and Yoga classes, like we should all do in our lives, to remind us that we should not take everything so seriously. Meanwhile, i keep a steady connection with breath, hoping to impart some Yogi wisdom along the way. My classes are vinyasa based (breath synchronization with movement) with strong emphasis on alignment.

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