Nathalie LeFave

Milton, ON

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Nathalie was born and raised on the small island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Inspired by the sacred temples and ocean surrounding her home, she developed an awe and reverence for spirituality and nature that continue to infuse her life and work today.

Since a young age, she has felt a connection to Spirit that led her to leave home at 18 and travel around the world to study alone in Canada. The void in her soul led her to leave the corporate world at age 30 to become a Personal trainer and Fitness instructor. She continued to evolve from teaching physical exercise to becoming a yoga instructor. Nathalie was inspired and challenged to undergo her 200hr yoga teacher training with Ana Forrest while she was 5 months pregnant with her first child. The Forrest Yoga Teacher training started the process of awakening her soul and helped her connect with her spirit on a deeper level. She draws her daily strength from her yoga practice to live a harmonious life despite the challenges of raising 3 little boys. Yoga has brought Peace, Love, Sunshine and Fluidity in her life and helps her become a better person, mother, wife, teacher and friend! She looks forward to supporting and guiding her students through the same process of connecting to their soul and living an authentic life.

Nathalie holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Mc Master University; she is a Certified Forrest Yoga teacher, Certified Fitness and Personal Trainer with Can-Fit Pro, Certified Pre and Post Natal Teacher with Michelle Cormak, Certified Kids Yoga Teacher with Young Yoga Masters, Certified Spin instructor with Schwinn Cycling.

What sets Nathalie apart from other yoga teachers is her unique approach to get her students to start feeling and becoming aware of their inner world in each pose rather than moving mindlessly through their yoga practice. Nathalie’s classes are slowly to moderately paced. Everyone will be challenged in a safe and nurturing environment. Each class is designed to help you peel away layers of tension and habitual behavior that stiffen your mind and body. You will play with the edges of your breath and body, make new discoveries about yourself, and leave class feeling completely cleansed and rejuvenated!


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