Nathan Millard

Austin, TX
United States

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I began practicing Yoga in 2010 when I set out on a quest for deep self-awareness and knowledge. I spent the majority of my life feeling and thinking so negatively about myself that I often felt very lost. As I began to practice Yoga, I began to realize how much emotion and trauma I held inside my body over the years, and how much of it I acted upon without realization. I struggled for years on what my divine purpose was and often did not know where to search or look for all the answers. As I healed and searched for answers my path became very clear, I am supposed to help people discover their path, heal from the past, and grow. From then on, I just knew that there was no better way to help people than through Yoga. In 2014, I courageously left my stagnant life in the corporate setting to travel to Bali, Indonesia to obtain my Yoga Teacher Certification. During my time in Bali with The Awakened Life School of Yoga, I cultivated deep self-awareness and clarity of intention and was awakened (how appropriate!) to a side of me that I never knew existed, a side without fear, insecurities or emotional pain. In addition to studying with The Awakened Life School of Yoga, I also had the opportunity to study under esteemed Yoga instructors Sarah Trelease (), Margi Young (), and Joe Miller ().


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