Nathan Mills

Portland, OR
United States

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Nathan Mills was introduced to the practice of Yoga at the age of 12 while working at a retreat center for the yogic and healing arts in the beautiful mountains of Helena, Montana. At the same age he began his study of the martial arts under the patient instruction of his Shihan. Born handicapped with a leg discrepancy of over 3 inches Nathan approached these practices patiently and thoughtfully.

With the encouragement of his teachers Nathan meticulously found ways to modify the shapes and forms of these practices to suit his body. After much adversity and several surgeries he quickly began to see the valuable benefits of these art forms and the amazing positive changes both practices were evoking physically and mentally.

After high school Nathan periodically lived up at the Expanding Light Center in Northern California where he was inspired by the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. Included in his study of yoga and martial arts Nathan also took an interest in dance. At the age of 21 he began teaching public classes in his home town of Helena MT.

At the age of 23 Nathan moved to Los Angeles to study film where he also continued to deepen his yogic and martial studies. During these years he helped build Budokon® Universities school of “Yogic, Marital, and Living Arts an became one of the first teachers ever certified to teach public classes. Nathan stayed in Los Angeles for 6 years working as a yoga teacher, nutritional counselor, and life coach. During that time he taught in some of the most prestigious studios in the city including Golden Bridge, Santa Monica Power Yoga, Yoga Works, Exhale Spa, and Equinox.

Moving into his late 30‘s Nathan continues to explore, evolve, and deepen his personal practice while teaching these life changing art forms to others. Always in study, never finished with his education, Nathan is working toward additional certifications in yoga, martial arts, meditation, nutrition, and body work. Some of Nathan’s current movement and philosophy mentors include, Leslie Kaminoff, Chase Bosshart, Peter Sterios and Sifu Gregory Fong.

He currently resides in Portland, OR with his wife Heather where he works in several studios teaching yoga, works privately with clients as a holistic nutritional counselor, and lectures publicly at studios, universities, and corporations.

He periodically travels away from Portland to teach workshops around the US, and abroad and also to perform in the occasional film or television show.


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