Naveen Rana

Uttarkashi Uttarakhand

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Born and brought up in the Himalayan Ranges, my lifestyle was Yoga. At the banks of Mother Ganga, I performed demonstrations of bodily movements which I later recognised as Asana. Until my late teens, I had all the questions that required a deeper training of Mind, Body and soul. Travelling a southern bound journey, I halted at the Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala. There I was equipped as a Karma Yogi and enhanced my spiritual enquiry. Living at the Sivananda Ashram under the guidance of Great teachers, scholars and Gurus I received my first certification as a Yoga SIROMANI. Continuing on the path that has constantly amazed me with it's simple yet profound teachings about the miracles of life, death and breath, I am blessed to be able to connect with my core.

Gaining the enriching experience, I started of to spread the knowledge bestowed by the Masters and Gurus. Situating in Shivalayaa Yoga Shala, in a village in netala, I continue to live the dream of Master Swami Sivananda.


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