Nayana Cariappa

Bangalore Karnataka

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As an ancient science and a way of life, yoga strives to define and teach us the path of union & balance. A union with our highest self & potential, we are our own divine, and a balance between abhyāsa (persistent effort) and vairāgyabhyām (detachment).

Since starting to teach, Nayana's personal practice & philosophy of yoga has evolved - through observing everyone that walked in & the many conversations with her students. Her practice is built on respecting our body and its needs, which changes everyday. It soon became evident to her that yoga, as a lifestyle, was deeply therapeutic and could help heal many illnesses. As a yoga therapist, she tries to bring that aspect & knowledge of yoga to help people physically & mentally heal themselves.

Nayana writes a blog titled Samasthiti (), expressing her continued journey to find a balanced stillness in her practice on and off her mat.

While her personal style of practice is Vinyasa which is dynamic and flowing, she recognizes that people are built differently and need different styles of practice - you can find her teaching Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra along with Vinyasa. She is also believes one must eventually progress beyond Asana and incorporate Pranayama and Meditation in their daily practice - these are her favourite classes to teach.


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