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Naz Khakoo – Certified Hridaya Yoga and Meditation Teacher (IYF & RYS-500)

Born and raised in England with East African heritage, Naz has been practicing and studying Yoga, Meditation and spirituality around the world for over 9 years. She has been blessed with many wonderful experiences and opportunities to study with great teachers, leading her to the create The Heart Centre as a platform to share these teachings. Her passion to elevate the world with an open heart and knowledge of yoga, allows her to bring these beautiful teachings to the mat with a great degree of love, compassion, willingness to explore and most importantly humour.
Naz was brought up in an Islamic family with strong eastern cultural influences, which enabled her to develop a strong faith and connection to the divine from a young age. However even as a young girl, she struggled with the dogma and limitations created by such a culture in modern times. With the understanding that there may be more to humanity than she could perceive from her limited view point, this struggle gradually turned into a calling to explore the roots of her existence.
Path to Yoga

Naz discovered yoga in her late teens, whilst at university studying English Literature and Drama. She immediately noticed the relaxing and rejuvenating, physical benefits of the practice and it became an integral part of her life. Naturally, the uplifting side effects of yoga ignited her curiosity, allowing the practice to take her deeper and providing glimpses of life from a whole new perspective.
Curious and incredibly inspired, Naz resigned from her successful career in Marketing to embark on what would be a life changing journey around the globe. She spent several years studying different forms of yoga in Asia, Mexico and Australia; where she discovered her first meditation teacher with the Brahma Kumari’s Raja Yoga system. Through attending regular classes and silent retreats, Naz began to experience a profound awakening and blossoming of the heart.
Her path then led her to Agama Yoga in Thailand where she undertook an intensive 2 month study in the classical tradition of Hatha yoga under the guidance of Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. It was here that Naz’s heart truly flourished and her curiosity was finally satisfied, by her teacher Sahajananda. Naz was introduced to Hridaya Yoga – Yoga of the Spiritual Heart, during an incredible 10 day silent retreat with Sahajananda. This retreat, the first of many, was enough for her to realise her path. Naz entered into a 4 month study of Hridaya Yoga to become a qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher (IYF and RYS-500).
In Class

Encompassing her background in dance, performance, independent studies in Ayurveda and holistic therapies, Naz focuses on guiding students to the point where they may experience joy and liberation. Integration of breath, movement, alignment, strength and flexibility are all bonuses of the practice. What’s really unique is an awakening and blossoming to perceive the divine self. In this way, students can tune into the knowledge of the heart; the spirit of who they truly are; encouraging balance and harmony in the body, mind and soul.
In Gratitude

Naz is eternally thankful to all the teachers and students she encounters along the way, taking great inspiration from them all. Above all she gives great thanks to Christine for her deep love and encouragement; Kal for her divine guidance and for demonstrating how to fully experience from within, Swami for teaching her to experience the joy of her body and detach from pain, and lastly Sahaja, for guiding the way to her heart.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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