Neelima Pradhan

Dix Hills, NY
United States

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I'm a registered yoga became interested in yoga as a teenager in Nepal. The birthplace of the divine souls Siddhartha Gautama, Lord Buddha, and Sita, Lord Rama’s wife, Nepal is home to the roots of Buddhism and Hinduism and I liked to bring the understanding of the cultural and philosophical aspects of both to my work as a yoga instructor.
I believes that yoga is not just a fitness program for the body—it is a fitness plan for the mind as well. Yoga flexes our muscles along with our mind and inspires us to seek and live truth. It is a system of physical, mental and spiritual awakening that integrates the whole person, on every level. If we follow Patanjali’s ashtanga (eight limb) path of yoga including asana (the physical poses), it will help us to be stronger, healthier, more confident and more at peace with who we are.


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