Negar Ghasimi

Melbourne,Berwick VIC

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Yoga started fascinating me when as an eight years old watching my father practicing Yoga from an old book and as a kid sometimes I copied him .Many years later I found myself rushing through life as a full time computer programmer, stressed out and preoccupied with my work which left no room for any other aspects of life, everything else was being pushed to sidelines, I started to ignore my interests and stopped enjoying life. My father seeing me wasting my life away asked me to start practicing yoga and about 13 years ago I enrolled in a beautiful and nourishing yoga studio, I started practicing Shivananda Yoga once a week and I found the experience so satisfying that I decided that I have to pursue this path much further. I have never looked back . After a while I found myself fell in love with yoga! How? Easy, because I gradually learned how to clear my mind, connect to every single breath , observe my body and feelings, improve self-consciousness ,mindfulness and to love and appreciate myself and the result was being fresh, happy and relax.
I completed my 500-hour training at the Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training in 2012, including subjects about Ayurveda, Chakra and also yoga for special needs, and since then I’ve been teaching yoga. My teaching style is gentle yoga according to hatha and flow yoga. I not only really enjoy to share my experience with other people but also to help them improve their body, ability and focus.
I also love reading novels and poems specially Rumi and Hafez-Shirazi , walking, watching drama movies and have a special interest in antiques !


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