Neil Spencer

Costa Mesa, CA
United States

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Adventurer, yogi, buddhist, yin & yang, Southern California. Yoga is a beautiful physical practice, and so much more. "The invisible loves the visible." Every time I step onto my mat, I try and transport myself to a cosmic place where time seems to stand still. Those silent places between in-breath and out-breath. Out-breath and in-breath. That is where my soul resides.

I study mantras, mudras, kirtan and yogic philosophy to strengthen and deepen my physical practice. I believe that the journey of the mind and soul is equally important to the physical journey we undertake in our yoga practice.

I aim to share the experiential knowledge I garner from applying these techniques to my own asana practice. Yoga is not just the 1-2 hours a day we spend practicing asana, but all 24 hours of the day.


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