Nelson Hawkins

Sri Lanka

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I am a student and teacher of the Krisnamacharya lineage. I am fortunate to have unique access to the origins of this lineage. I consult my teachers regularly to support my ongoing research, classroom teaching experience, and daily personal practice.

I teach breath focused classes that emphasize the critical importance of proper breath technique in asana practice, highlight the importance of pranayama technologies, and guide students through breath meditation practices.

As per the tradition, I seek to aid in the process of catering yoga to the individual, by respecting each individual's limitations and strengths. One of the ways I help facilitate this is by introducing students to fundamental breathing techniques paired with personally modified dynamic movements. I teach students how to safely allow their breath to guide and explore their movements in order to ascertain basic information about the state of their body, breath, and mind. I do this to help align practitioners with the intuitive intelligence of their own bodies and to awaken their own inner yogic guidance.

Breath is of central importance to an authentic, effective, and safe yoga practice. It is my mission to help individuals discover the intelligence of their breath and bodies in order to awaken their own inner teacher. I see my role in the classroom as a humble assistant, aiding you as gently and safely as possible along the path to the discovery of your own inner power.


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