Neva Lockamy

Asheville, NC
United States

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Neva Lockamy started her yoga journey at age 12 in a gym class. With practice, her hyper flexible body became strong and less prone to injury. Daily practice gave her life rhythm, rewarding discipline, and meaning.
The bits of yogic philosophy her teachers sprinkled into class she found very applicable to daily life. She was exposed to new ways thinking and of changing her perception in a real positive way. This sparked a new level of awareness for her and opened up the world of personal growth and development. After a severe bout of depression, She found strength and courage through Daily Yoga.

The real aha moment was discovering Baptiste Power Yoga. She completed her teacher training with Power Living Baptiste inspired Studio owner Duncan Peak. The powerful hot and sweaty practice encourages students to burn away layers of ego and story. The beauty of this practice is the focus on our ability to realize and become our biggest, brightest, shiny, authentic self. Neva is also passionate about dance and movement, and wellness and nutrition. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design and holds a degree in painting and illustration and is a talented artist.

Her style is nurturing, playful, and powerful. And her "exuberant" personality shines through and is "infectious"!


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