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My mum and my granny - two of the wisest, most beautiful and spiritual female role models in my life -
were yoginis and in the same way that a love of animals, belly-laughing and jazz were instilled in me from an
early age, perhaps it's inevitable that yoga would become an integral part of my life.

The first formal yoga classes I attended were around 1997 with Johann Kotze in my home town,
Stellenbosch at the Black Horse Centre. I was at university, in a relationship that was (sadly) going nowhere
and, to my delight, found that this space – the studio itself and within my own head – was just what I needed
to bring myself into the moment, to get a clearer look at who I was and gain perspective on what I wanted
from my life. At a time when I was struggling with my past, eagerly seeking clarity and a glimpse of how to
move forward, I found yoga. It gave me pause for thought, helped me to start believing in myself, to better
understand my connection with others and the universe, and to ultimately make some
decisions that changed the course of my life.

After graduating I left South Africa to see a bit of the world and in the next ten years or so practiced on and off.
Whilst in London, sneaking off during my lunch hour for one yoga class a week was sometimes the most I got
to do but it was when I moved to Southern California in 2006 that I really fell head over heels (literally and
physically) with the practice. Living in Laguna Beach with access to dozens of studios, styles and levels of classes
to choose from, I embraced it. When I attended an intensive Teachers’ Training Immersion course in Santa
Monica in 2007 with Patti Quintero and Billy Asad, I knew I wanted to teach and a fter returning to South Africa
with my Irish husband and having our two beautiful children, the time was right to train as a yoga teacher.

My YTT (200 hours) training was with Anne and Martin Combrinck at Ananda Sanga in Somerset
West, and it has truly been the life-transforming experience that they predicted it would be.

I'm particularly passionate about the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness for addiction and healing,
and for fertility and pregnancy. Both areas of interest stem from my personal experience of how yoga helped
me (and continues to help me, every single day) heal from the physical, emotional and spiritual bruising that
is an inevitable result of having been raped as a teenager (just one of the many thousands of girls in South Africa
who this fate befalls every single day), the ensuing substance abuse and my subsequent recovery, as well as
my own fertility issues before eventually being fortunate to give birth to two perfect children.

In November 2011, I achieved my certification for specialised prenatal yoga teachers training and I offer private prenatal yoga lessons in which I share my passion for the world of fertility and pregnancy from a yoga perspective. I also offer private yoga lessons, corporate yoga workshops and more, tailoring these to meet the individual needs of my clients.

During the day I work for an inspiring non-profit called TRADE- MARK. Our mission is to empower skilled township tradesmen to break through the barriers to financial freedom, and by doing so to bridge the racial and class divide that exists in South Africa by challenging preconceptions. It's an incredible project that I find deeply fulfilling and I thank my lucky stars daily that I have landed with my bum so squarely in the proverbial butter, working with phenomenal and uplifting people both in and out of the studio.

Yoga strengthens my body and my spirit. I look forward to showing you how it could do the same for you.

<i>"Nicci completed her Yoga Teacher training with distinction, in 2011. She has subsequently gone on to complete a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training also and is a confident, competent and wonderful Yoga Teacher."</i>
Anne Combrinck - Principal Educator at Ananda Sanga

Big on yoga, meditation & mindfulness for recovery, healing & fulfilling of potential | Boutique yoga studio in the historical centre of Stellenbosch


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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