Nicholas Mclean

South Africa

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I'm a food and wellness coach, yoga facilitator and learner.

By combining coaching and mindfulness with yoga facilitation, people are able to come into calmness and explore their authentic selves through their body, spontaneous realizations then allow for positive change.

I began my yoga experience at bikram jozi, then discovered hatha yoga and lived the yogi lifestyle during my training of hatha yoga under patanjali's school through a german indian baba for several months in India. From this I developed a flowing style of hatha that was quite strong with some extreme asanas.
Then I explored ashtanga and vinyasa which made for an intense yoga practice.
After discovering a mindful yoga practice called bodysensing, I stopped teaching for a few years so I could relearn and unlearn through a process of self enquiry and exploration of each asana and it's purpose.
Now I offer a more gentle and deeper experience of yoga, bodysensing yoga.

Week of November 29TH

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