Nicky Angelone

Parkdale VIC

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My love of yoga and meditation began in 2005* and I have been a committed student of Helen Kershaw and Tamina Muir since. I trained as a yoga teacher with John Ogilvie at Byron Yoga Centre & Celia Roberts at YIMI and completed my meditation teacher training with Matthew Young at Melbourne Meditation Centre. I completed Level 2 Wellness Coaching with Wellness Coaching Australia, and am currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy at Cairnmillar Institute (due to complete in 2020). I qualified as a Level 1 iRest® Teacher, with Fuyuko Toyota.

Having experienced first-hand many of life's challenges and losses I have a deep appreciation for life and health, and from this do not take anything for granted and am well aware that everyone has their own battle we know nothing about. Yoga and meditation have further taught me to be kind and honest, practicing curiosity and acceptance, both towards myself and to others. Rather than seeking to be happy, I encourage students to cultivate contentment through practicing gratitude. I find happiness tends to be a fleeting emotion which is most often connected to obtaining something external to ourselves (a material item or a new job, for example) whereas contentment is a deeper, more sustainable feeling that lingers and settles deep within us and supports us in noticing all that we already have and all that we already are.

I teach yoga and meditation to share with others these practices which help to manage the curve balls thrown our way and to spread kindness and compassion in the world. I coach because I have experienced the transformational benefits regular coaching brings, through having a support crew by my side and someone to help me see aspects of myself which both help and hinder moving forward; not to mention keeping me on track to achieve my goals. Experiencing these benefits has allowed me to truly appreciate the value of coaching. I decided to be a coach as I also have a gift of meeting people where they are at, building rapport and inspiring action while being very clear on the goal setting process and next steps to move closer to your vision. My passion for working with people one on one and in groups has led me to continue this path with further study in counselling and psychotherapy.

The greatest gift yoga and meditation have given me is the ability to be still and comfortable simply being. I'm now able to truly relax and have stopped bouncing off the couch every time I sit down as another 'thing to do' would previously pop in my head which needed attending to and I would be onto it in a snap. With this ability to pause and decide whether to move from the couch or continue to sit, has come a new-found freedom; summer holidays at home now are relaxing, as my busy mind, and the demands it places on me to react or respond, have lost their power and I can truly relax and ‘be’ amidst all the opportunities my mind throws my way, to keep ‘doing’. My yoga and meditation practice have cultivated in me the ability to be at ease anywhere, anytime. My once knotted neck and shoulders now have movement and I am aware when they begin to store tension, and how I can release this. Physically my body is stronger, more flexible, balanced and healthier than before I started yoga in my early thirties. While I have always been quite self-aware, yoga has replaced critical and judgemental thoughts with curiosity, kindness, compassion and acceptance for myself and for others and this flows though to my classes, courses and private coaching sessions.


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