Nicky Jurgens

Phnom Penh

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Nicky discovered the true beauty of yoga during her two pregnancies in 2009 & 2011, becoming a certified prenatal yoga instructor during her second pregnancy. Although she trained in the USA, Nicky is British and has been coming in and out of Cambodia since 1996.

Nicky's prenatal yoga classes provide a safe space for pregnant women to come together to share the joys and challenges, the wonderment and spirituality that can come along with pregnancy. Nicky guides a practice based on Vinyasa flow, carefully adapted for pregnancy. The flow follows the progression women go through during labour and a natural birthing process, with the level of intensity gradually increasing during the class. The class focuses on learning how to use breath to channel energy and focus the mind. The aim is to provide women with the strength and resources/techniques to take into their birthing experience. An additional bonus of prenatal yoga is the potential to quickly regain fitness and muscle memory post-birth.

During practice women are encouraged to embrace pregnancy, stretch out achey limbs, build stamina and have dancing out some moves to funky tunes!