Nico Kruis


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Yoga was for me in the first place a substitute for my other sports but once I practiced more intensive, I discovered the whole concept of Yoga, there is much more besides the Asana’s.

Therefore I took more courses and started to practice, Bikram, Kundalini, Asthanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga. The Vinyasa Yoga is the one which attracts me the most and started to do Teachertraining in Amsterdam.
First one at Yoga Garden and my second one in De Nieuwe Yoga School Amsterdam. I have completed both Vinyasa I and II with a 400 hours RYT Yoga alliance certificate. Within that intensive time I also felt a big interest for YIN yoga and started the TT training in 2015 and past my Exam in January 2016. This includes another 200 hours training and will bring me to a 500+ registered Teacher at the Yoga Alliance.

The philosophy, alignment, energy, breathing and meditation has become part of my live now. I learned a lot and will learn a lot during the rest of my life and really looking forward without expectation what it will bring on my “Dharma”
I learned by practicing yoga that it doesn’t matter what your neighbour is doing on the mat, it is important what you learn within your space.


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