Nicola Brisuela

Miami Beach, FL
United States

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My entire life has been driven by health and wellness since a young age. The connection to the body and its complex systems has driven me from sports to personal training and finally expanding to yoga about 20 years ago. Yoga has proven to be the one complete system that has brought the deepest awareness and unity into mind, body and spirit.
It is through this connection that we can find our own power and ability to heal ourselves and others.
I am a yoga teacher, organic health and wellness coach and medicinal aromatherapist. Certified in Vinyasa, Pre Natal and Power Yoga, my classes are ideal for all levels from beginners to advanced.
Vinyasa means the connection of breath to movements. Therefore, Vinyasa style movements are designed to connect the asanas, or postures, to the gentle flow of the breath. We move through postures to create strength, endurance and flexibility while focusing on alignment, honoring our bodies and allowing the breath to guide us.


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