Nicola Dickenson

United Kingdom

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Nicola is originally from Wales in the United Kingdom buts now lives on the beautiful island of Cyprus where she practices and teaches her passion and love of Thai Massage.

Having experienced a life wake-up call and realised that the beauty is in life itself; enjoying and living it, experiencing each moment, rather than merely working life away and counting down the days until the weekend. Nicola quit her hectic 18 year career in Management and travelled to Asia where her love of Thai Massage was born.

Studying with masters in the Northern Hills of Thailand and Varkala India, Nicola has continued her practice over the last four years, sharing her love of massage in Europe, Australia and Asia, returning to Thailand each year to deepen her practice and develop her skills becoming a teacher of Thai massage. Nicola is now teaching courses and private classes in her center in Polis Cyprus.


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