Becoming a yoga teacher was not a career move I could have foreseen ten years ago, but nothing gives me a fire in my belly that could burn brighter. The learning, practice and study are never-ending, and our time on the mat studying yoga give us such a unique opportunity to learn more about ourselves and how we approach challenges.

A lifelong lover of learning, I've come through careers in nursing (adult and mental health), a PhD in English Literature and Philosophy, and then into a teaching career with school and university students.

My approach to teaching is warm, humorous and down to earth. I pass on both the physical and emotional strengthening benefits of having a regular yoga practice. The most important aspect of my teaching is my belief in treating everyone as an individual. When you come to class, I encourage you to make the yoga work for your particular body and needs.

Services Offered

1 hour tailored plan£4560 min
90 minutes tailored plan£5590 min

Location & Notes

Your placeMy place
Notes: Holding the sessions at the clients home costs an additional 10