Nicole Petersen

Albuquerque, NM
United States

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I was guided to the healing arts through my own journey of awakening

A confrontation with suffering evolved into a profound experience of remembering & re-weaving mind, body and spirit through deep inquiry into Self with an urgency to follow my heart as my clearest guide.

In the years that followed I traveled widely and began to explore my being in its wholeness through creative movement, energy therapy, shamanic medicine, sound healing, and Ayurveda.

I began to see an underlying essence weaving these many threads together:

the intention to inspire memory of the vastness within each of us.

It follows that, through my work, I aspire to open doors to healing & integration of mind, body & spirit ​so that our highest potentials may be realized.

Ultimately, I hope that by offering my passions, I may inspire others to do the same; That by opening doors to holistic wellness, I may help others awaken to their inner brilliance; & that as a teacher, I may serve as a mirror, allowing others to see their greatest teacher within.


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