Nicole Spencer


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I began my yoga journey while working in the corporate world of banking. Amazed at how the practice helped alleviate the stresses of my working life and helped me achieve a much-needed personal balance, I became eager to learn more about why yoga was so beneficial to me. The more yoga I practiced, the more I discovered that yoga had the ability to meet me wherever I was in my physical, mental, and emotional state. It allowed me to evolve and grow more flexible, both on and off the mat.

Once I completed my teacher training and started teaching, my connection to yoga continued to strengthen and I found an increasing desire to spend more of my time sharing the benefits of yoga and self development with others. Yoga inspired me to a level that I had never achieved during my long banking career.

I left my career in early 2015 to devote my life to helping others in need of relief and healing as I once did; physically, mentally and spiritually. I am an active proponent of healthy and balanced living and I am honored to share this experience with others. I seek to help others to overcome obstacles that prevent them from finding their true self. I am known for my authentic and non-judgmental teaching style, while encouraging students to connect their body, mind and breath.


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