Nicole Steiner


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In 2005 Nicole attended her first yoga lesson and based on Vinyasa classes she got an Asana-oriented access to yoga. During an exchange term in India, she met AG Govindraj Setty who taught her the origins and the philosophy of Hatha Yoga. Nicole discovered the many aspects of yoga for herself and decided to integrate yoga into her life. This experience was followed by a journey through different styles of yoga to various teachers until in 2012 Nicole started the four-year teacher training BDY/EYU at Yoga Akademie by Doris Echlin. All the wonderful and educational experiences on her yoga path have driven her to work on herself again to experience the way to her innermost being. Nicole works as a start-up marketer, is a passionate social entrepreneur and teaches classical Hatha yoga. Her lessons are everyday-life like, diversified and beginner-friendly.


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