Nicoline Valkenberg

Somerville, MA
United States

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For Nicoline, Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of finding steadiness within impermanence- and by doing so on the mat, she has found that we can learn to ride the waves of life with more composure and grace- and enjoy the ride!
Nicoline’s classes blend dynamic movement with steady technique. She infuses both energetic alignment and specific anatomical cues into functional movement within and between related poses to help increase body awareness in a way that helps students to find their center- in their poses and within themselves.
Nicoline received her initial training certification through Kripalu Yoga Center under Yoganand Michael Carroll in 2005. She has since completed continuing education trainings in Prana Flow Yoga with Shiva Rea and draws greatly from years of studying with local master teacher, Barbara Benagh. Nicoline is the owner of Samara Yoga, where she is very pleased to be cultivating a dedicated yoga space with some of her best friends and favorite teachers right in her home community of Somerville, MA.