Nid Ra

Manly NSW

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As a dancer Nid grew up working with her body, yet she struggled with depression in this career as the body was never sufficient alone. Her solution was to become a workaholic lawyer where she became lost in her rational mind; panic attacks ensued. After a head injury, Nid healed herself through holistic approaches. Her key strategy was to use her body's expressions (symptoms & emotions) to measure her recovery. She shares her lessons through her teaching, as we can only ever genuinely teach from lessons that we have experienced.

Nid teaches movement from the place of conscious awareness. To empower others to discover the tools of how the body and mind talk to one another, which helps us hear our unconscious and larger self. All movement must come from a sensation of ease, fluidity and stability - her core themes.

Nid loves all her incarnations as a reiki healer, massage therapist and coach alongside teaching yoga, pilates and mind-body fitness, and writing blogs.

Nid works at awarding winning retreats and online with private clients. Her work draws many with long term pain or health issues to discover how to enjoy their body and use conscious awareness to understand their whole being for a full life. For those in perfect health she loves to challenge your edge, face your perceived limitations and expand your full potential!


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