Nikolaj Scerbakov

Toronto, ON
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I am a professional Yoga Therapist, Certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, with 30+ years of experience.
Having studied in England, Denmark, Sweden, India and other countries, I was trained as a yoga teacher and therapist in many styles including Zen, Kalari Marma, Kriya, Tantra and Hatha yoga. However, Japanese Zen Yoga and South Indian Kalari Marma Yoga have been my passion and practice for more than 30 years. Both styles have their roots in Japanese and Indian healing practices and are related to traditional martial arts. Their techniques differ from other styles of yoga. These techniques are filled with therapeutic secrets which, through the centuries, were only known to Masters of martial arts, and allowed them to efficiently treat different injuries of their students. The beauty of Zen and Kalari Marma Yoga lies in the simplicity and efficiency of their techniques which can be practiced by anyone, to both balance the body and mind and to treat chronic and acute individual health problems. You don't need to be young and flexible to start, because the main goal is to treat any underlying health issues. Both styles of Yoga Therapy I use include positions, specific movements, breathing techniques, meditation, the application of massage, real gold and silver pellets, and moxa to points on the body, that facilitate the healing of organs and injuries.
As a Yoga Therapist I offer an individual sessions, health assessment and personalised yoga programs, yoga classes and workshops to people wishing to efficiently address their individual health concerns and to improve their health.
I also combine my knowledge of traditional yoga and modern health science in my everyday work as a Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner in Toronto.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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Best Yoga Therapist in Toronto

I attended classes of different yoga teachers and styles for eight years. However, I didn’t have reasonable improvements in my health, particularly in my back and neck pain. When I met Nik five years ago and came for several one-on-one yoga therapy sessions, my pain disappeared completely in one month. It was a miracle to me and I started attending his different Yoga classes and workshops.


Now, after practicing Zen Yoga under his guidance, I feel strong, confident, healthy and I think more spiritual than ever. Nik is a very experienced, diligent and helpful yoga teacher. I see all the time how beginners as well as the most advanced yoga practitioners and teachers, all get new, stunning perspectives and valuable advice on improving their health and on everyday yoga practice from him. I recommend Nik to everyone I know, truly he is the best yoga teacher and therapist I ever had.

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In the hands of a master

Within minutes of my first class with Nik, it was obvious how skilled and caring he is. I had never experienced zen yoga before so was a complete beginner. It's a rigorous practice physically, and he patiently and expertly guided me through it. I always emerge from his classes feeling stronger, both physically and spiritually.

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An interesting experience

It was a very interesting and useful experience of Zen Yoga therapy.

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Nik is a Great Yoga Teacher

I have known Nikolai Scerbakov in my role as an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher for more than ten years. During this time I have witnessed his mastery and dedication to the practice of Yoga Therapy. Many years ago when I was a co-director and founder of Jivamukti Yoga Toronto, we collaborated on yoga sessions at my studio, during which time Nik offered students very detailed and therapeutic instructions and methods for healing the causes of their physical, mental and emotional imbalances. He is rigorous in his approach to every client, paying attention to many details. He displays knowledge and understanding, and is sensitive to the needs of others.