Nina Kozelj


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When I started my spiritual journey, yoga practice represented a way to keep my mind disciplined, to prepare the body and mind for meditation and to alleviate physical ailments. It was called hatha yoga and not that many kinds of yoga existed. Through my reflexion, studies, guidance and psychospiritual work I am in the position to tailor a yoga class according to participant s needs and aspirations. In my approach to yoga teaching there is always the intention to help participants to attain the capacity of observation of their thinking proceses and reactions and also their body, to facilitate the expansion of consciousness and to create a state of stillness in the mids of the whirpool of thoughts in daily life. As a result of these capacities hopefully the participant will come closer to higher state of consciousness, enjoy the new energy flow and signifcally transform their lives by living their qualities.

Many people are nowday interested in yoga practice but we are not all having the same aspirations and we do not all tend to attaint the self realisation in the same pace. So my yoga classes are primarly oriented towards anyone who wishes to improove his or her everyday living by preserving the body and the mind in a healthy balance; the general class has thus many elements such as vyniasa flow, hatha yoga precision and depth, consciouss breathing and body relaxation followed with mental excercices leading to meditative state. Participants can tailor their own programme according to how they feel about the techniques.


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