Nina Lucida Popadic


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Founder of NILU Studio, Lucida Nina, is a certified Kundalini and Yin yoga teacher. Her classes involve breathing exercises, meditation, physical yoga postures and finger positions (Mudra’s).

After the birth of her daughter, Nina went to study Kundalini with Hargobind Singh after being inspired by Maya Fiennes. Through the yoga teacher training, she studied the eight limbs of yoga, Ayurveda, numerology and energy healing. Nina went on to complete her second yoga teacher training in yin yoga and anatomy with Markus Henning Giess. These meditative movements and the knowledge of how the body works helped Nina to heal herself. Since then she has been very grateful to share her experiences and knowledge with all interested people.

Nina is a patient, open-hearted and kind teacher. In her courses, she integrates her own experience and creates a holistic yoga style which she passes on with love. She encourages the participants to adapt the yoga to their individual needs to feel more comfortable.

She invites you to join her classes at the studio so you can discover by yourself what yoga can do for you


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