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Born (1972) and raised in Moscow (Russia) . Education - Moscow Medical School (doctor of ambulance).

At age 25, emigrated with her family to Spain.

Gradually came to yoga, after Christianity (lived for a time in Optina Hermitage (Kaluga- Russia) and Monastery of St. John of Kronstadt in St. Petersburg), Reiki and more. Graduated from art school, write poetry and short stories, a photographer during 20 years , for 10 years studied Arabic belly dance (in Seville - Spain)

Continuous search of herself, the desire to understand how the world is constructed and great desire to learn guide her in the end to Yoga.

"Yoga - the science of the development of human consciousness and transformation of it in all its forms and manifestations. This is the quintessence of the Vedic knowledge or eternal doctrine (Sanatana Dharma). Its author is God (Brahman). He created the world, has also set up a system that this world manages. And Yoga - it is not a religion, but the knowledge about the system. word "yoga" comes from the word "Yudzh" which in Sanskrit means the connection of the human soul (Atman) with the divine human being (Brahman)." (C)

Studied Yoga since 2004 and started teaching since 2010.

For three years lived in the Seychelles Islands , studying with Michael Auguste who most influenced in the formation of her teaching studied various types of meditation and NLP techniques with Dr. of Metaphysics Henry Niken (Seychelles). Graduated in the Institute of Study of Yoga in Marbella (Spain) , in The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta centre and in Shiva's Centre ( Latvia). Certified yoga teacher.

"While I can not give the name of the style of yoga that I'm teaching .... It's sort of a mixture of all, what I learned over the years with the addition of a pinch of spices. These spices are : a great love for the work, which I do and the people who surround me, intuitive understanding of what do need a person who come to my class and of course, a strong desire to learn every day, every minute from the world, from everything that surrounds me .... "

Languages: russian, english, spanish.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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