Nina Taumberger

Sydney NSW
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It has been a long time dream of mine to become a studio owner, and it has finally come to fruition.
It has been 3 years of working for myself & putting myself out there, at various venues in the shire.
Starting up on my own straight after my training was a huge thing for me!
I never saw myself as a teacher of any sort- I felt that I was shy and felt totally scared to get up in front of people. Funny that when i was younger i didn't shy away from a good performance of any sort!

Yoga has been in my life for many years, beginning with a practicing with Yoga Tape with mum - fitting in some exercise before school & college. I then had dabbled in some Bikram and finally landed in HYA yoga in Cronulla (formally known as Hot Yogi). I found MY style of yoga! And it felt like home!

Not long after finding this space I was eager to learn more!
Yoga Teacher training it was!
I set off to the magical Costa Rica for a month intensive 200hr teacher training, not knowing my life would be forever changed!
I have never looked back. I grew, I learnt, I found confidence & strength I never knew I had.
I couldn’t wait to share the knowledge I learnt over there!

I remember starting classes in a community hall in Cronulla- so nervous to speak out in front of the curious eyes starring at me!
It felt scary, and amazing at the same time! I wanted to make this my full time job, even though at times I had people say it wasn’t a good idea.

I kept on showing up! and showing up, dedicated to just teach and share this powerful practice!
Sometimes id get 6 people (amazing) sometimes I wouldn’t get any! (More time for self practice) Each class was and has been a blessing and teaching in itself.

It has been years of peeling off layers (yoga tends to do this self inquiry stuff) to find confidence again and courage to get up and show up.
I am deeply grateful for my ‘job’, all of my students that I get to guide and the all spaces that I teach and have taught in.
They have paved the way to where I am now.

Dreams do come true- Keep on putting your wants and dreams out there! they WILL come to light. It may take some patience & a humble attitude, but trust & find that deeper knowing that everything will come in its right time!

Now I’m on this different path - and no doubt there is lots to learn and more to grow from. Its humbling to know that I am forever learning, always a student & that this journey is a never ending one- ever evolving!

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!
or in the New space!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Fell in love with yoga again

After trying various yoga classes, I started to lose interest in yoga. I loved the benefits and how it made me feel afterwards but during class I disengaged and the classes didn't challenge me enough. Every class was the same. Upon attending one of Nina's classes, I have fallen in love with yoga again. She brings passion, love and care to her classes and isn't afraid to laugh at herself.


This makes going to yoga not feel as intimidating especially when you're not feeling as confident in your ability. Nina provides a safe and nurturing environment where she encourages you to give those harder challenges a crack and helps facilitate the harder poses through a more hands on approach. Nina's classes always challenge me to think about how my yoga practice and how perspective can help me in my own life and I always leave feeling refreshed and reenergised.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Great Teacher, Great Class

Nina is a great teacher, she makes you feel very comfortable. I had never tried yoga until Nina's class and I am now in love with yoga. PS. its ALOT harder than it looks.