Ning Gao

Calgary, AB

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Student of life
Authorized Forrest Yoga Teacher.
Founder of Yoga and Beyond.
Founder of Healing Yin.

The journey of life When I begin to reflect on the journey of my life I realize the rapid passage of time and that I have lived more than half a century! Wow! I am so grateful I have found yoga here in Canada. I grew up in Harbin China, a beautiful small city of 6 million people and my childhood was beyond what Western culture could imagine. I grew up in the Proletarian Cultural Revolution without a television or phone. We had very little. However, I remember being very happy if my mom could cook rice for us, or when Spring Festival came and I could have new clothing, a few candies, or a dumpling dinner. It took so little to make me happy. in 1995 not speak a word of English and started a new life in Calgary. but I wasn't prepared to face all the challenges. At the same time yoga" found" me. I started my first yoga studio in the little basement, and stay in the basement for 13 years, Yoga truly helped me to accept who I am. as creating "Yoga and Beyond ". the most important that it allowing me to experience what is " Yoga and Beyond ", from my first yoga studio (Ning's Balance Studio) to today. In The past 20 years, I have had many struggles and frustrations but I have remained strong and focused.
I am honoured with my struggles and life experiences and am also honoured to create opportunities and places for change in others now. I believe in the miracle of Yoga.


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