Nitin Choudhari

Nasik Maharashtra

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I am working as a freelancer Yoga Teacher. I have conducted and continuously conducting, several courses of following types as a Yoga Teacher:

a) Yog Pravesh [Basic Yoga Course for beginners]
b) Slim & Smart Sadhana [Course for Obesity Reduction]
c) Yog Sanjeevan [Course for patients suffering from deceases such as hypertension, diabetes, paralysis, varicose veins, etc.]
d) Pranayam Course
e) I have conducted Yoga Courses on International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2016, as a part of Yoga Education announced by the Central Government

I also conduct Yoga Courses for Corporates/ MNCs. I have conducted following Yoga Courses specially designed for the employees of Teknocrat’s Control Systems (I) Private Limited, Nasik, in May 2016:

a) Yog Pravesh [Basic Yoga Course for beginners]
b) Pranayam Course

I am good at Asanas, Pranayam, Bandhas, Mudras, Shuddhikriyas [Patanjal Yoga and Hathayoga] and Meditation Techniques.

I also help Yoga students on specific ailments and stress management. I also guide on living a modest, happy and peaceful life.

I am very good at performing the Yoga Postures/ Asanas as well as teaching Yoga, and motivating and inspiring students to practice Yoga in daily life.


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