Nivea Loiselle

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Nivea enjoys having fun and providing space for self-exploration of the benefits of cultivating compassion towards ourselves and spreading it to our surroundings; to embody mindfulness in our everyday life.


is to embrace both its scientific knowledge and artistic aspects. We use practical methods and tools to bring body and mind into mutual harmony, but also developing one’s intuition and sensitivity to become both curious about and aware of the great potential that is within each of us.

Nívea discovered Ashtanga Yoga under the guidance of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois and integrated it into her daily life in the early nineties. She has since been inspired by diverse somatic and mindfulness approaches. She is grateful for and believes that having been on the Yoga path, and practising Vipassana Meditation, allowed her to step out of the victim’s shoes and embrace life’s potential again; to experience reality as it is versus the fictional movies often playing in our minds.

From researching and working at reducing human impact on the ecosystems sustaining us, Nívea simply shifted her focus onto the impact each of us has on our own health and quality of life. This focus changed after recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury. Considered a miracle by the medical system did not remove the struggles and despairs to achieve recovery of what she considered a healthy and balanced life. Nivea had found her purpose in life. To learn about gaining greater freedom and flexibility in face of unforeseen life events, and to help others achieve the same.

Today, she is a Certified Hatha and Yin Fascial Yoga Teacher, but also a Feldenkrais Teacher in Training. Nivea enjoys teaching a combination styles, providing her students with tools to reconnect with themselves, gain greater range of motion, and enhance their mood and energy levels.


FLEXIBILITY - Passionate about our kinaesthetic awareness and how history and geography affect our behavioural patterns, she adjusts her work to all shapes and sizes; to the receptivity of each being, by listening and being present for them.

PRESENCE - Because a mindful life is more than just a sexy trend! When she teaches, she cultivates an awareness of the present moment without judgment.

ENERGY– The love she brings to her classes helps her students surrender, allowing psychological resistances to diminished, and physical tension to relieve. Being genuine and honest provides her students with the inspiration to embody Yoga.

COMPASSION - Important life traumas have taught Nívea that we are all unique; each of us requires particular needs at specific times in our lives. She loves working with people, helping them bring mindfulness and balance into their lives.



Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

16 Reviews

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Clases adictivas por su grado de implicación y diversión

Las clases de Nivea son simplemente adictivas. Cada clase es diferente, te cuida cada postura teniendo en cuenta las características personales y físicas de cada uno con una estudiada progresión. Ojalá estuviera mucho tiempo por esta zona. Lo mejor de todo es que hace mucho hincapié en el acompañamiento de la respiración con la postura y siempre hace que saques una sonrisa. Nivea es una maestra de yoga fantástica, sabe cuándo dar caña a tu cuerpo y cuando darle reposo todo ello para proporcionarte una posibilidad de equilibrio. Hace un especial trabajo en la reeducación de nuestra postura y me parece algo muy sanador.

Nivea LoiselleAugust 17, 2018
"Practice and all is coming" Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois

Le professeur ne fait que partager ses connaissances, l’élève lui, doit faire l’expérience puis mettre en pratique les outils acquis. Chacun de nous apprend et évolue à son rythme et à sa façon. Le plus difficile c’est encore de prendre le temps d’observer nos sensations et prendre conscience de nos habitudes. Ton implication et ta présence t’ont permis de prendre conscience de l’importance de la respiration dans la pratique des asanas (postures). Voila un grand pas que plusieurs tardent à atteindre !
Continuer la pratique te permettra d’observer beaucoup d’autres bourgeons éclore, puis de profiter des fruits de ton travail.
A quand notre session d’accro yoga ? ;)
A bientôt

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Lots of fun and great attention to detail

Nivea is lovable and friendly, and her classes strike a great balance between being fun, engaging and immersive. She makes time to get to know students and their needs, helping everyone get into postures correctly with adjustments according to their ability. I've learned lots of good stuff to take away with me when she has to leave us!

Nivea LoiselleAugust 17, 2018
The Yoga Toolbox

Ana, your comment makes me truly happy!
My aim is indeed to have fun and to provide each of you with space and some tools to experience the benefits of conscious breathing and moving. I truly believe that healthier body and mind allow us to live life with ease and harmony.
Remember that the toolbox is yours to use free of charge! ;)
Sending you love until our paths cross again!

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Very positive and enriching experience

Nívea is one of those few people that are able to reflect such a positive energy around her and inspire everyone to trust their bodies to go the extra mile. One can see that she loves Yoga and is really committed to making others love it as well.
Thanks Nívea! I hope I can continue having the privilege of attending your classes in the future.

Nivea LoiselleMarch 31, 2017
Yoga at the Office to reconnect with ourselves, and with others

Dear Patricia

To be able to share some tools, and witness the transformation in each of you is priceless. Although your comment is much appreciated, it is each of you, and your respective mindset that creates these beautiful moments shared. You guys are fantastic!

I feel so grateful to be given the opportunity to do what I do!
Creating a secure environment for self-exploration, and to embody mindfulness one posture at a time, is something I strive for.

Um abraço grande

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solid yoga

I had never done yoga before, but had practiced other physical activities like tennis and jogging. After only two yoga sessions, felt some real improvements and increase in comfort in terms of joints and tendons. Very very solid yoga instructor - know what she is talking about, illustrates and explains the why (very important!) of the way movements actually need to be done the way they are.

Nivea LoiselleMarch 30, 2017
Yoga at the Office - Why not?

It makes me truly happy that you experience benefits of making time to observe both your breathing and sensations. Dedication and playfulness are for me two key components in leaning something new, and you bring both on the mat. Remember that the toolbox is yours. Practice using those tools and continue experiencing changes.

Take care

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Fantastic Yoga coach

Ive never liked exercising before, but with Nivea I feel very motivated to try because she makes it look easy and fun at the same time!

Thank you :)

Nivea LoiselleMarch 30, 2017
Making the time for Corporate Yoga!

Thank you Arianne!

Yes, in deed I like to do simple and fun things!
The most difficult is, in my opinion, to make the decision, and time to reconnect with who we truly are. You took that step, and accepted the challenge to observe your breathing and body sensations. Your motivation comes from the positive results your have experienced on your mat.
Remember that the toolbox belongs to you. Be creative, and explore further some of the tools I provided you with!
It will be a pleasure to cross paths with your lovely soul again.
Um abraço grande ;)

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It was amazing to have classes with Nivea! She made me want more!

Nivea LoiselleMarch 30, 2017
Corporate Yoga + Beautiful Souls

Obrigada Rita!
Amazing is to see how simply by being more aware of your breathing and in tune with the body, you can experience something “you want more of”! Like I said, I simply provide tools and a secure environment to experience them. Bjs

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Nivea is the perfect blend of physical knowledge and spiritual of the best yoga instructors I have experienced... !

Nivea LoiselleDecember 12, 2016
The experience of connection is a state of yoga...

I learn something from every single soul that crosses my path. When practitioners lay their mat, they are engaging themselves into the yoga path. The instructor only provides some directions, and space to feel safe to move forward. I see each class as team work, and whenever we leave a class feeling great, credit goes to all! Sending you love until our paths cross again! ;)

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☆ Inspiring human being ☆

Such a inspiring human being! Such a care connection with her students! Very focused on the little details that make huge difference. The teacher that made me fall um love with yoga _/\_ ♡☆

Nivea LoiselleDecember 12, 2016
Life is such an amazing journey!

Your presence makes classes more colorful, and your dedication is inspirational! I wish you to continue exploring, and experiencing yoga with the same open-mindedness. The seeds you are nurturing now will soon bloom into amazing opportunities. Take care beautiful sister. Namaste

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The most important classes are the 1sts

Certainly the right person to teach you how to maintain the correct postures, some basic things that can help an very inexperienced student. Somehow I think that Nivea adapts the class to the level of students, and that is perfect.

Nivea LoiselleNovember 18, 2016
Yoga is a toolbox ;)

Obrigada Bruno,
thank you for your kind review, and most importantly, thank you for taking the time to come to class and experience conscious breathing and moving.


Your words really make me happy. I don't considerate myself a teacher, but more a friend helping others with whatever knowledge I have, and that I believe can help each of you find Peace and Happiness. A healthy body and mind allow us to live life with ease and Joy. Breathing, as you might have experience throughout the classes, is a key aspect to help bring both the body and mind to stillness. Yoga is for everyone, no matter your gender, level of activity/mobility, your belief system... it is a toolbox, allowing each of us to create a better version of ourselves. Take care and keep having fun with Yoga!

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Balance and Focus class

I really enjoyed the class of Nivea. She has a lot of experience and is dedicated to learn how a great yoga class can feel. She has a spiritual side which I really like but is also very body focused. All in all, her class a very nice and special experience!

Nivea LoiselleNovember 11, 2016
Our body, an incredible machine!

It was wonderful to ride with you for a while. At times, people come to yoga to try and resolve some health/emotional issues, and sometimes, healthy individuals come to improve some of their talents or qualities and/or make them more readily accessible. Either way, what I believe makes the difference is the intention each practitioner sets to himself for the class period. Your curious and positive attitude will guide to where you need to be. Have fun! ;)

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Give it a try!

I practised with Nivea for a week during my holiday’s. Nivea’s classes were varied, challenging and relaxing at the same time with enough variety to accommodate for every level. She is an enthusiastic teacher and happy to share her knowledge with her students. I enjoyed my classes with her.

Nivea LoiselleNovember 11, 2016
Feeling gratefull

Thank you. It was great to see you explore and enjoy the classes. Motivation and happiness are contagious, and therefore, a nice group of student is always fun to work with. Our paths might cross again!
Take care

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Really enjoyed session and spiritual bonding!

Nivea LoiselleMarch 2, 2016
99 % practice, 1 % theory

use to say my dear teacher...

I am happy you enjoyed taking the time to experience your sensations, breathe more deeply and laugh a big deal! ;)
I hope to see you again soon!


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Amazing class!!!

Very competent and patient teacher, takes time to help each participant, I absolutely loved the class and definitely recommend Nivea either for those who want to discover yoga (she'll make you love it!!!) or for those who are already experienced.