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One day, 25 years ago in Buenos Aires
...a friend invited me to go with her to yoga class. To say the truth I was not very convinced, but I went anyway. At that time I was trying to practice yoga with a book, of which I actually did not understand much of the instructions. In spite of that, I was not considering to go to a yogaclass. Beeing a sports person, I thought that it was going to be boring and not challenging enough. So, I went to the class and it was everything but boring, I was struggling and shaking and I bearly could breath in some poses. I was impressed and intrigued. I went back the next day and the next and I stayed for 10 years with Marina Chaselon, my first yogateacher from day 1. She was already back than an Advanced Senior Iyengar teacher, certified by BKS Iyengar personally and with Fernando Calviño the pioneer of Yoga in Buenos Aires. In this 10 years I learned everything of Iyengar Yoga, therapeutic, pranayama and of course asanas with all the props. I studied everything I could find and learn about yoga and I practiced a lot and intensly, it became my whole life.

At some point I got interested in other styles of yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa especially. I was very impressed by the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice and continued learning the Ashtanga System for the next 15 years. I studied and practiced, with the best teachers in the world and travelled to India, where I found my Yogamaster Yogacharya Vishwanath, nephew of Patthabi Jois. After many years of study with him I completed his teacher training and got authorized and certified as a Yoga Shik Shak by FPYK ( Foundation of Pathanjala Yoga Kendra).

I also completed teacher trainings and immersion trainings with David Swenson, David Williams, Lino Miele and I studied for many years also with Fernando Calviño, who is one of the best masters in argentina from the Bihar School of Yoga.

I strictly teach and follow the lineage of my teachers, which is the lineage of T. Krishnamacharya. I have been teaching yoga now for nearly 15 years and this is my passion and my calling in life.

Since I left Argentina a few years ago I have been a travelling yoga teacher, working by my own in places like Tonsai in Thailand and in Greece, teaching in Nepal and Malaysia. I continue my studies with Vishwanath in India and I have developped a yoga practice for rockclimbers, as I am a pationate rockclimber myself, focusing on the physical issues of rockclimbing and the importance of yoga for prevention of injuries and all the mental aspects which make yoga and rockclimbing so compatible and such a great synergy of learning to control the mind, the breath and beeing in the present moment.

Of course becoming a yogateacher was a path and for many years I was just a keen student of yoga, enjoying the journey. I already had been studying yoga more than 10 years before I ever thought about teaching, It was a natural process, at some point you have a certain amount of knowledge that you feel the urge to pass it on.

I have been a flight attendant for Lufthansa during 20 years and I also have had my own advertising company in Buenos Aires for many years which I developped and ran with my husband at that time. Thanks to this I was able to meet many teachers in the world, but as I got older, I wanted just to follow my passion and I quit my jobs and opened my own yogastudio in Buenos Aires.


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