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My name is Noa Deva. I am a citizen of the world, the Earth is my country and Humanity is my nation.

My path has been a journey of transformation, purification, healing, quest for Truth and Surrender to the Essence. It led me several times to India ( I spent 2 years there in total…), to Nepal and Thailand where I did a lot of retreats in monasteries, ashrams, holy places and yoga centers. I took three months yoga teacher training in Thailand and a six month Shiatsu training in India with Sati. Since then I am using these wonderful tools to help people connect with the Light. Shiatsu has prooved very therapeutic and beneficial for people who received sessions with me. The understanding people get of themselves through the 5 elements is often life changing.

I’ve studied Tibetan Buddhism and attended the teachings of Enlightened Masters, famous ones ( Prem Baba, Mooji, Amma) and less famous (Raj Kumar, Ajay…) and got a lot of inspiration from these beautiful Beings of Light. I believe in our ability to understand ourselves, to transform, to connect with the universal essence of consciousness, the Light and Wisdom of our infinite nature and shine it to the believe in expressing our full potentialities, in becoming beautiful and radiant Beings participating in the expansion of the Universe.


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