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After graduating and working as a lawyer and Literature Teacher in Spain, I had to move to San Francisco. I had been practicing yoga since I was a teenager, but it was in California when I began my training as an instructor. I became a 200 RYT (Yoga Alliance), and got training in alignment based hatha yoga, yoga for kids, Sridaiva yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with teachers from the likes of Jonathan Isaacs, John Friend and Desi Springer, Anthony Grim Hall and other.
I have been teaching in SF, Spain and Italy. Currently I lead yoga retreats in Denia (Spain), during holidays.
If you decide to attend my classes, let me tell you that your journey to the best version of yourself begins here and has changed my life like the lives of so many other human beings. It has allowed me to enjoy a fuller and more conscious existence. To really enjoy the moment. It has taught me to live here and now, the only way I know to achieve true happiness (and I have tried many) . Through yoga I have learned to eat, to sleep, to sing, to be more patient with my family, to smile from within. I’ve stopped competing , worrying , wasting time . I have gained muscle, I lost weight, I have improved my skin, and , believe it or not, I grew up an inch ! (and not just spiritually).
It is so much that yoga has given me that I want to share it with you.
If you want to follow me, you just have to get out of your own way and let yoga do the rest.
I think that yoga is not a religion or a political ideology. Yoga is a path. A path consisting in a physical discipline aimed at maintaining healthy and balanced body. And it is also a mental and spiritual practice that intends to awaken the individual and enable it to achieve a higher level of consciousness.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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El lugar donde realiza sus retiros es un entorno precioso, lleno de paz y ese algo que invita a volver. Las clases se adaptan a los niveles de cada uno, ofreciendo los ajustes necesarios, hay dulzura, dedicación, conocimiento en las prácticas, en las meditaciones... transmitido con mucho amor.

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Awesome Yoga Teacher

Noelia has a gift of transmitting you a great yoga experience! I was so happy to meet a teacher like her and so sad when she was leaving. During her classes you can tell she loves what she does, she is always well prepared, adapts the practice according to the students level/needs, is creative with sequencing and has a really pleasant tone of voice. Guided meditations & relaxations with her are greatly enjoyable :) .

Noelia InsaJune 17, 2016

Irenka, you were an amazing student, and you are going to be an awesome teacher. Can´t wait to take a class with you somewhere!!! Thanks for your words, my darling! <3

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Un auténtico placer

Clases muy amenas. Alto conocimiento del tema. Un encanto como profesora y como persona

Noelia InsaJune 17, 2016

¡Tú sí que eres un encanto, Isaías!! Y súper divertido! ¡Cómo me río cuando me acuerdo de vuestro retiro :-)

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just a review in the review....I wanted to point all the stars!!!

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I've been lucky to enjoy twice this wonderful retreat. I love Noelia's yoga practice and how she adapts it to every ones's level. She is amazing with guided meditation. Hipnoyoga was a very interesting discovery. Awesome house, delicious and healthfull meals. The mediterran sea surronding you... You will feel at home, paceful and full of energy during and after the retreat. I have made there new friends for ever and I have also recomended my own friends to go there. Lucky you if you can attend . I am just looking foward to going back again. Noelia, Elena, I miss you

Noelia InsaJune 16, 2016

Lourdes, we miss you back!! Finding a person like you is a gift. We feel so blessed having had the chance to meet you! Looking forward to having you with us again!!!

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Adoro sus practicas las explica muy bien

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Very very good experience. i, ll repeat of course, Very Nice Place, and fantastic trainer.

Noelia InsaJune 15, 2016

Thank you, Federico!! You are an awesome student and a wonderful person. We love you!! <3