Norma Dvorsky

Toronto, ON

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The 1970s brought me to yoga & yoga to me, as it did many people.
I read books about yoga & practiced book open, on a carpeted floor. I was young, limber, not strong or athletic, however most of the postures came to me easily. I stood on my head with too much ease, but was completely out of touch with myself. I had an entire jury in my cranium! I hated my body & my breath was always bated.

Around that time I was initiated into Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation with my own ‘secret’ mantra.
The one word mantra stuck like old jello on the inner walls of my brain but I didn’t actually like it & I only marginally kept the practice up.

Then as time on, the way it will, as other parts of myself started to come back into line with who I thought I was & what I wanted my life to look like (not sure where it went!), I started going to drop-in Yoga classes in Toronto. I also began to spend time in Ojai, California, going to Kyra Ryder’s Lulu Bandha Yoga studio 5 or 6 times a week & also began to venture into an at-home solo practice. I kept turning like a dreidal in spin, into my self, into the practice, into my body, my breath, my spirit.

It became an endeavor to study the thing & reach into what was happening to me, to my body & my feelings about my self. I wanted to share this incredible grounded, healthy, alive & open feeling, as a facilitator.

That lead to my 200hour Yoga Teacher Certification (RYT) at Yogaspace in Toronto, with Kathryn Beet & Patricia White, to name but 2 of my wonderful teachers.
Now nearing the end of an additional 300hr Advanced Teacher Training, plus other individual studies, including Osteoporosis, the Pelvic Floor, a deeper exploration of Meditation, I’ve decided to keep right on going, into a further 500 hours of Yoga Therapy Training, at Naada Yoga Studio (2015).

What a journey!! Little did I know, like all things (or is that all things worth ) the more you know the less you know.
Here, do a back bend & have some humble pie.

Now I’m a woman who passionately believes in this healing practice, in it’s historic & new forms. I found myself and a sense of calling in the exploration of yoga & meditation, both on & off the mat.


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