Norma Mejia Boccabella

Mt Pleasant, SC
United States

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Norma Bocceballa lives here in Tarrytown and is thrilled to be teaching kids yoga at Riverstone Yoga. She has her masters in Human Sexuality and Child and Family Studies from NYU, a BA in Psychology and Spanish Literature from Syracuse University and received her kids yoga teaching certificate from Karma Yoga Kids.

Norma loves that she can take her extensive training and education in family studies and apply it to her kids yoga program in her own community. "I am looking forward to giving individual attention to all my students. Yoga has been a big part of my life for the last ten years and I am so anxious to share this passion with a new generation. I have three boys of my own. I have been implementing my practice strategies with them and I can honestly say I see a difference in their attention span, motivation, and energy level. I have noticed a change in their behavior and a vast improvement in their ability to handle difficult situations through their newly found yoga practice."


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