Nory Fussell

United States

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In my late 60’s, Yoga is a very different experience; deeper, slower, more cautiously methodic, wiser. The synthesis of Yoga with my bodywork and anatomy trainings have led me to develop a teaching style that appeals to those interested in restoring vibrancy to “aging bones”. Therefore I teach "Yoga for the Second Half of Life"

Students in my classes are encouraged to move “in the direction of” the poses demonstrated, mindful of their own body’s limitations, or “edges”. The Edge is that place where change can happen, just an inch or two before pain. We can also consider the edge as Wilderness, the place you go to restore, rejuvenate and explore your "beyond."

I have practiced since '69 and taught since '96. A sense of exploration, curiosity and fun are encouraged in my classes. You will be respectfully cared for, especially those looking to experience Yoga for the first time.


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