Nozomi Kamei

Edmonton, AB

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My goal is to assist people in improving the quality and satisfaction of life. I believe that each of us is different and unique, yet we are interrelated with each other. One’s wellness could influence that of others and vice versa. I am passionate about sharing the enjoyment of self discovery and exploring the world.

Back in 2001, I left my home and lived in Europe as an exchange student. Being surrounded by no one I knew and an unfamiliar culture, customs and language led me to explore deep into myself who I was. Throughout my experience in Europe, I discovered so much about myself and learned how important and powerful it is to feel connected with other people. It opened my eyes to view the world from a new perspective. For the first time, I felt that I was living fully and grateful for having been born. From this, I sincerely wished for everyone to experience how I felt. Once I returned from Europe, I decided to come to Canada to learn about the relationship between mind and body and to further discover more about myself.

In 2006, I took “Yoga for Beginners” as a part of my university course. I remember how fascinating it was to learn that yoga is about the harmony within oneself and of our surroundings. Since then, I exposed myself into a various yoga classes further enrol lung into “Yoga for Stress Management” also as a part of a university course.

As I learned more about yoga, I learned more about myself and developed the ability to view things from differing perspectives. As per my exchange studies in Europe, yoga became my tool of self-discovery for exploring the world and living fully.

After achieving my Bachelors in Physical Education, I taught various exercise and recreation classes for children, youth, adults, older adults including those adults experiencing disabilities. Later, I completed hatha and postnatal/prenatal yoga teacher training courses, which is certified with yoga alliance that enabled me to begin teaching yoga for a wide range of persons. Whether as a fitness instructor or a yoga teacher, I look forward to sharing the enjoyment of self-fulfillment through harmonization of our unique being and of our surroundings.

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