Num Grisana Punpeng


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Whatever yoga it is an integral part of my life. It began as a physical experience for me 10 years ago, but throughout the years, I have been noticing huge changes in much deeper layers. It hasn't been easy, though, balancing a dedicated yoga practice with a modern lifestyle, especially for someone with many passions. At first it made me want to run away from the life that I'm so blessed to have and become a true yogi, in its most original sense. After being in a constant battle with myself for quite some time, i gave up the fight and embraced all of the opportunities that life has to offer. Only then that I found my own personal approach to yoga. And that's what I'm aiming to do in my classes - helping my students to find their own approach to yoga.

In my classes, each student will get to know their body better, fine-tune their personal techniques and learn to establish strong connections with important things in their life, in a fun, friendly and energetic environment.


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