Odette Rowe

Carterton --
New Zealand

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I'm a Kundalini, perinatal and children's yoga teacher and a qualified homeopath. For the past 17 years I have taught yoga in the UK, Australia and New Zealand in studios, natural health clinics, workplaces and artist's squats. Now I teach cosy little classes and workshops in homes, community spaces and studios dotted around the Wairarapa.

I have not the slightest interest in tricky poses in spandex. I am instead passionate about people discovering enjoyment and ease as they move their body without pain or anxiety. I love witnessing people cherishing themselves, just as they are, so they can be healthy, happy and live out their life purpose.

My aim is to encourage people to see that all their actions and interactions with others has a ripple effect. Changing the world ultimately starts with the dialogue you have with yourself on a daily basis and this quiet revolution starts on your meditation cushion today.


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