Ohad Gal

Tel Aviv

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Starting 15 years ago as a personal trainer, I was dragged into vigorous physical activities such as cycling, running and climbing: very "yang-like" practices, always carrying inside of me the feeling that something is missing. Of course, my body "talked" to me. That's when my yoga journey started, and it deepened in one year of further learning and exploration through India and Thailand. Today, with much awareness and care bringing balance to my body and life, I am implementing the missing part, the "Yin-like" part, both to my own personal practice and my teachings. I'm a certified yin instructor, hatha, meditation and fitness guide and I love to share what I picked up along the way. As I believe that we as humans are part of nature, I encourage students and groups to join my outdoor classes in order to reconnect with nature, and also offer office yoga and private lessons. 

Week of January 21TH

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