Oksana Sokol

Ubud Bali
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Oksana is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher with Radiantly Alive & 200 hour Yoga Synergy teacher. She has studied Tripschore, Ashtanga, Jivamukti among other styles with different teachers worldwide. From Australia she has lived in Ubud, Bali for the last 5 years, teaching yoga at various establishments and retreats, and is the founder of Suly Yoga Shala where underprivileged Balinese students are given the opportunity to participate in yoga. She runs popular Yoga and Raw Food retreats several times a year in Bali.

Her own personal experience with health challenges led her to study and practice raw food and Pranic Healing, she now shares her knowledge helping people improve their well-being through food and lifestyle choices.

Yoga for her is a humbling practice, 'it's a way of life'. Creating retreats with the message to be able to share ideas and inspiration about living a fuller, more enriched life benefiting ourselves individually and as a contribution to the greater whole.

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Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

13 Reviews

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Personalized Yoga Practise

In September I joined Oksana for a personalized yoga and wellness retreat. My personal goal was to develop my Chaturanga and Headstand poses. Oksana provided extremely useful guidelines to improve my practice and obtain greater strength in these poses. Oksana also provided great general adjustments, some very small but they made a significant difference to my practice. Oksana's extensive experience was certainly evident in her teaching and the planning that went into the sequencing for my personal practice objectives. Oksana is a very warm, caring teacher who demonstrates a passion for yoga and to supporting others to start or develop their practice.

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Oksana is simply brilliant!

Oksana has been teaching the daily yoga sessions at my Embracing Health, Detox, Healing & Raw Food Retreats in Bali for several years. I come to Bali once or twice a year to run my ten day retreats, and the yoga instruction that Oksana provides for my guests is second to none.


Oksana has a beautiful way of teaching, encompassing her years of embodying both the physical and spiritual aspects of her training. Her classes are modified to suit the different experience levels and capabilities of the attendees and at the end of the retreats, the feedback always shows yoga to be one of the most popular parts of the retreats.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Oksana as a yoga teacher for groups or one-on-one training. She is a true professional and you will come away from your yoga class with a lot more than just a physical experience.

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Fantastic teacher

Oxsana was the yoga teacher for my raw food retreat and at the end of the retreat I wanted to take her home. Such a wonderful teacher, for all levels of experience, and a beautiful person as well. She was softly spoken, so happy and joyful , with a heart of gold and so many words of wisdom. I love love her style of yoga. Namaste Oxsana.

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Oksana Sokal at "Embracing Health Retreat" Ubud July 2015

After perhaps 30yrs without Yoga in my life this 72yr old granny was delighted to spend 1.25hrs @ 7:30am every day for a week with this wonderful spiritual lady "Oksana Sokal". Day #1 I struggled - however with simple instructions & gentle encouragement from Oksana I found myself looking forward to Day #2. Every day I discovered better balance and flexibility in my body. By Day #7 I enthusiastically bounced upstairs to find I was first one there ready to enjoy the lesson! I am now back home in Wannanup W.A. motivated to join a local Yoga group & cant wait to do so. Thank you so much Oksana you are a very special talented Yoga instructor & I am delighted to have had the week with you. Best wishes always, Gay Mutton

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Spiritual, caring and joyful guru

Oksana is a spiritual yoga teacher in a natural way. She fills the practices with her knowledge and joy in a calm manner. Always ready to demonstrate and sensitive to her students needs, she makes the practice enjoyable.

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Amazing teacher, amazing experience

Wish I could still take her class every day - absolutely lovely, simple, and the perfect approach to yoga.

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best teacher in ubud

kind , warm, funny and many personal touches. i loved her classes and learned so much.

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Oksana rocks

Oksana is a truly great yoga teacher. She has a genuine balance between the different elements that make a great teacher. She understands where her class is, and creates a comfortable and spiritual environment to really get you into your flow. She is an amazing human being as well. As a relative beginner, I sincerely appreciated her attitude and approach to her practice, and felt like she really broke through to help me connect to Yoga like I never have before.

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Oksana's Yoga Teaching

What a delight it was to be part of Oksana'a yoga classes at a recent raw food retreat at Bali. With only limited yoga experience I felt very included (albeit some times a little vertically and horizontally and diagonally challenged). Oksana provided great direction and great insight and context for the practice of yoga. The class catered for advanced yoga practitioners and others like me. Each morning for 8 days I jumped out of bed and happily bounded off to yoga - brilliant yoga classes and beautiful teacher!

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While I was at a raw food retreat in Bali, little did I know I was to meet a sensational yoga teacher with a strong spiritual focus and yoga practice. I enjoy my own personal yoga practice 4-5 times a week. Oksana's teaching was fantastic. She was both soft and strong and through her yoga teaching excuded a sense of fun and created great joy. I was eager to get to my 7am morning classes and was very grateful to be able to enjoy Oksana'a daily teachings. Oksana clearly enjoys life, and teaching YOGA is her passion. I was blessed to meet Oksana as a friend and teacher. Thank you Oksana for all that you give <3 Rosemarie

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I had the pleasure of taking yoga with Oksana every day for 8 days in Bali - she is the best! No question went unanswered. Such commitment.

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Leanne, Embracing Health Retreat Oct 2013

Absolutely great classes suitable for everyone. I loved Oksana's choice of music and quotes during the class. Beautiful person and great yoga teacher xxx

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Embracing Health Retreat attendee Nov 13

I just LOVED Oskana's yoga classes!!.
I have a little experience of yoga practice, from quite some time ago, and with Oksana's encouragement and clear guidance, I felt I have achieved really good results with my yoga and have now been able to come away from her 9 lessons and been able to carry out some practice each morning on my own.
I also love her choice of music which really helped me get an added level of relaxation, peace and enjoyment from her classes.
Thanks Oski xx