Olga Dolynina

Charlotte, NC
United States

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Olga, who is 200 RYT designated, began her training with the Yax Brothers at Hot House Yoga in Virginia Beach and learned the basics of hot yoga, hatha and vinyasa. After a move to Washington, , she began her career teaching in yoga studios, fitness facilities, dance companies, schools and conservatories, athletic wear stores and corporate businesses, to include STROGA, lululemon athletica, and Washington Sports Club, among others. It was her dedication, passion and belief that led her to be the directing and management positions in Washington DC, Virginia Beach and New York City areas. Her vast yoga education helped her to create a very distinctive yoga style. Olga believes that this physical practice creates a lasting mind-body connection and ultimately fosters a sense of peace and balance within you. To further her enlightenment with yoga, Olga has taken numerous workshops to include pre-natal yoga, inversions and arm balances, power yoga, yoga and nutrition, and restorative yoga and has worked under experienced yoga masters like James Brown, Faith Hunter, Ricky Tran, Dave Farmar and Wendy Maines. Ms. Dolynina has recently relocated to Charlotte NC to continue  her tradition of changing lives daily in an invisible way.  


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