Olga Rubio

Port Saint Lucie, FL
United States

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I have been teaching Beginner’s/Slow Flow for less the 1 year and practicing yoga for 2 years. I was inspired by Kathryn Budig, Tara Stiles and also studied with Janay Mejeur-Zukerman, Michelle Padilla-Bernazar, Carole Churan-Haines and Joanna Izzo. I graduated from 200 hour TT in 2014. I am a working mom of three children who admits it’s hard to find time for myself in a busy life sometimes filled with difficulty and stress. For me yoga has been my anchor using it to ground and center myself. I have found that through yoga I have been able to manage my stress level off the mat. I am also passionate about the benefits of yoga and the incredible changes it has created in my life that I want to “pay it forward” and help my students learn to take the practice of yoga off the mat and apply it to their daily lives.


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