Olivia Burgess

United Kingdom

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My name is Olivia Mary Louisa Annie OMLAB (YOGA). I may not have chosen my very long name, but I have chosen my joys, my love and my passion. As my yoga practice has developed, I too have done so along side it. No matter where I find myself, whatever mood, angry, happy, low energy, high energy, my mat is always there. Sometimes it's tough to get onto it, but when I step off, I'm always so grateful for the practice and feel all the better for it. Yoga de-stresses me, gives me energy and balances my mind. I want to spread the joy that I experience from Ashtanga yoga with as many people as I can. Check out my Upcoming Classes for yoga classes in Stroud, Gloucestershire. I also offer one to one classes for those wanting a more intimate environment to develop their yoga practice.


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