Olivia Desborough

United Kingdom
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I have been practising yoga for over 18 years. I began attending weekly classes as a student at university, looking for a way to relax my body and mind, and to deal with the stress of studying and of finding my feet in a new version of the world of which I found myself suddenly a part. That little pocket of time became sacred, and as I've grown older, realising that the world just keeps on changing and the ground beneath me shifting, taking time to connect to my physical body and enquire into the whirrings of my mind through my yoga practice has become my saving grace.

I journeyed from Hatha to Ashtanga yoga in my twenties, and found myself back where I started (albeit with a new perspective) in my thirties, following the advice of a nutritionist and inspired by my wonderful teacher and mentor, Frankie Duggan (Dayamitra).

In 2013, I trained as a Satyananda yoga instructor at Satyanandahram Hellas in Greece, and in 2015 began a two-year teacher training course at Mandala Ashram in Wales. I have also completed short courses in yoga and meditation with other respected teachers, including Swami Pragyamurti and Swami Vedantananda.

Yoga is my way of life.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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