Olya Kempe

Ogden, UT
United States

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I am a passionate artist and I LOVE yoga. I am very creative in everything I do. Yoga is a dance for the soul, the natural remedy for the body and the best friend for your mind. I consider myself a light -worker and a mystic, yes! I believe in mystery that lies beyond all events, all revelations, all transformations, and all our fears and hesitations.
I belive in energy healing, I belive in God. I believe that love heals and only love is real.
Yoga has played a huge role in my transformational journey. Yoga changed the way I see myself, my body, my mind and the world around me. It helped me to see what a powerful creator I am. I see the power of nature and the power of my body and it helped me love myself from a whole new angle.
Yoga has opened the doors into a whole new 'country" named compassion and peace. It softened my heart. Miraculously. Gently. I even did not notice.
With Yoga I feel and I know no matter what will happen to me I will be I know that every experience is a chance to grow an evolve and to be one with the whole-self and reject nothing.
Yoga is my life.
Thank you so much for visiting my page. I am so happy You are here.


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