Oona Justine Barry

Hermosa Beach, CA
United States

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Oona discovered yoga through a friend’s invitation over fifteen years ago who thought going to a class would be a fun evening activity, and she never looked back. This first yoga class was beyond an intellectual experience. The experience for Oona was and is learning to strengthen the art of quieting the mind with breath and movement, which leads to a deeper connection to self. Through this discovery within the discipline of her yoga practice, Oona followed her heart and earned 400 hours of Yoga Alliance teaching credentials between the trainings of acclaimed Najla Barile Coury, and Tamal Dodge. There is no accident that she first met Najla owner of Harmony Yoga, ten years prior to training and working at Harmony Yoga. Better yet, they met practicing side by side in the same class where Oona took her very first yoga class. Full circle. Now Oona works closely with Najla to create classes where students can embark upon their own yoga journey.


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